Hello, Young Padawans! Today, we are going to calculate a square root using an unconventional method, the Babylonian Method. You may ask “What the heck is a Babylonian?!”. Well, Babylonials were an ancient culture who gave a lot to our math knowloge, by creating methods like this to calculate certain things. This particuliar method consist […]

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Hello, Young Padawans! This time I’ll show you how to do the Quiz#9. Wich consist on getting the lenght of a Vector, Basically. So, if you have basic knowloge on physics you may know how to get it. It is very simple due to the fact that the user gives you the coordenates of the […]

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Hello, Young Padawans! This time I bring you the third most difficult WSQ (in my opinion). The WSQ09 ask us to open a text file, count how many lines doest it has, and how many characters. When I first saw it I say “Whaaaat?! How am I supposed to do so?”. But with the help […]

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Hello, Young Padawans! I know it´s been a lot since I wrote a blog. But, here am I. Then, let´s begin. This time I bring you the WSQ07, wich involves the use of Arrays. An Array is a set of characters (numbers in this case) wich give every character a number and an order. In […]

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Hello, Young Padawans! This time I´d like to introduce you to my Final Project for the “Solving Problems with programming” class… “The Emulator of Mini-Consoles with Pi”. Months ago, my friend, Roberto Estrella Mariscal, and I saw a video on YouTube, about a guy who recreated a Mini-NES Console, using a Raspberry Pi Mini Computer […]

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#International Experience

Hello, Young Padawans! I wanted to tell you about an activity I did last week. Last Friday, I participated in an activity named I@tHome. This activity was developed between McEwan University in Canada and Tec de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara, in which, students have videoconferences between the two countries and discuss about new Technological App that […]

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Hello, Young Padawans! This time, we are going to do a very simple WSQ, is just the number 1, but instead of doing all the aritmetic operations in the main function, you just do a different for every one. Yes, by this point of the semester you must already know what a function is, and […]

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